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Casts, Boots, and Braces

Here at the Movement Mill, we offer more than just the basics. We want to get you living the life you love as soon as possible. Casts, moon boots, and braces can be essential in the rehabilitation process by allowing you to move around while ensuring the injured area can recover. 

Common injuries that may require these services include:

  • Broken bones / Fractures
  • Ligament Sprains
  • Post surgery recovery
  • ACL and Meniscus Injuries
Moon Boot

Casting with Experience

Fractures and broken bones can be a hassle to sort out, especially when you need to go back and forth to the hospital trying to find a time they can cast. By being able to cast at our clinics, we provide a local solution with a variety of different options to suit your needs. Whether you need a waterproof, traditional, or back slab cast, one of our clinicians can help. 

With regular training and consistent practice, we make sure our casting skills are up to date. Some of the possible casts we can make include:

  • Short Arm
  • Full Arm
  • Thumb Spika
  • Short Leg


Boots and Braces to Assist Recovery

We try to keep substantial stock of both boots and common braces so that we can help you at a moment’s notice. These provide you the ability and reassurance to move around as normal with conditions that would normally be debilitating. If you require a boot or brace that we don’t currently have in stock, we have an excellent relationship with our suppliers and often receive orders in the next couple days.


So if you have recently fractured a bone or are in need of assistance, contact us now. We also have Physiotherapists that have additional training and experience with fractures. Our Exercise Physiologists are also available to help with improving bone health and other issues such as osteoporosis.