Don’t let pain, injury or
Poor movement stop you

Living the life
you want


Don’t let pain, injury or
Poor movement stop you

Living the life
you want


Don’t let pain, injury or
Poor movement stop you

Living the life
you want


Don’t let pain, injury or
Poor movement stop you

Living the life
you want


Why Choose Us

We care about you. We aim to revolutionise the health care industry. Come see what we do differently and let us get you back to where you want to be. With locations in Rouse Hill, Leichhardt, North Kellyville, Wentworth Point and Wentworthville, we are the ideal physio clinic for patients around these areas. For more information, give us a call on (02) 8322 6899, or simply book online for your next appointment.


Years of experience in what works and
what doesn't, as well as our unique
methods, will help you reach your
goals fast.

Exercise Physiology

Experts in movement training, technique and conditioning. They will make it fun while you learn to move well again.

Small Tailored Classes

"Not your usual gym class with dozens of people, these small classes mean we can focus on you. Fun classes that will help you get flexible, have solid core, or just make doing things in life easier."

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About us

Living the life you want with the best physiotherapy clinic Sydney

We Are A Place Where You Can Become The Best You

Recover With Rouse Hill’s Private Physio Clinic

We were born out of a desire to change the health care industry.
Traditional health care often treats people as parts and not individuals.
At the same time there is an epidemic of lifestyle illnesses and people are suffering from injuries and wear and tear.
We want to help prevent as much as we help to fix.
Our aim, is to bring together under one roof a team of experts that can help in every aspect of your journey to recovery, peak performance and overall well-being.

Welcome to The Movement Mill Sydney, we like to think of ourselves as Australia’s next generation physiotherapy, exercise physiology, yoga and pilates clinics – created to ensure you live the life you want!

Whether you’re looking for a Sydney physio to help you recover from an injury, eliminate niggling aches and pains, guide you through your post-op rehab, or if you simply want to just move freely and pain free when exercising, play with the kids/grandkids or get to your peak performance – our team have the skills and experience to design a bespoke program to meet your goals!


We started our first physiotherapy clinic in Sydney, founded by our Director Shane Roenne, who also happens to be the President of the NSW Physiotherapy Association Australia. Each and every physio clinic under The Movement Mill promises to provide a unique and personalised treatment program to each and every patient. Our team believe that  to be the best physio clinic in Sydney – we need to provide the best physiotherapy solutions to stay true to our motto and get you back to living the life you want!

For a Sydney physio that is focused on your overall health and well-being, look no further than The Movement Mill, a physio clinic that is dedicated to helping you to live your life through absolute range of movement.

A new generation of physiotherapy in Sydney

At The Movement Mill, our physio treatments are cutting edge, offering you the latest techniques in exercise rehab to help you achieve results in both recovery and performance. Our physiotherapy centre is equipped with some of the most advanced tools for both assessment and treatment to ensure we can give you the most successful experience of physiotherapy in Sydney. When you consider the question “where is the best physiotherapy clinic near me?”, we want The Movement Mill to be the answer that comes to mind because of our revolutionary treatment processes and proven results.

Experience treatment from the best physiotherapist from the comfort of your own home

Physio treatment in the past has always followed a traditional plan. After your initial consultation, you are provided with a range of exercises to complete at home in your own time. When practicing these exercises, if they are practiced at all, they may or may not be carried out properly due to a lack of supervision and guidance, which can provide varied and unreliable results from person to person. This kind of self-monitored therapy often results in increased visits to your physiotherapy clinic, with more money spent, as the desired results are not being achieved.

At The Movement Mill, our core focus is to work with you to achieve results in the fastest possible time. After your initial physiotherapist appointment in Sydney, you will have the opportunity to engage in follow up sessions from the comfort of your own home where our highly skilled therapists can monitor your movements and utilise real-time technology to ensure that your technique is aiding in your recovery. Utilising online therapy and exercise physiology will keep you on track with your rehabilitation, helping you get your desired results no matter whether you are at work, at home or travelling.

Taking physio classes to support continuing mobility

At The Movement Mill, we offer a range of physio classes in Sydney to support you in your journey towards achieving mobility results that last. Practicing healing exercise in a group setting aids in improving your motivation and increasing your accountability, to ensure that you are on track with your rehabilitation. Our collection of classes are designed to assist with a range of issues and are kept small in size to ensure that we can still focus on you as an individual, monitoring you every step of the way to make sure that you are performing the exercises both safely and correctly.

Group physio classes are beneficial for keeping the cost of your physiotherapy under control and working these into your treatment plan creates a more diverse environment for you to heal within. From yoga, to Pilates, to youth focused development classes for young athletes, we have the best range of physio classes in Sydney to support you and your body in the healing process.

Who is the best physiotherapist near me?

The pain and stress experienced at times when injury occurs can be disheartening, potentially discouraging the injured party from seeking treatment. Sometimes even wondering “is there a physiotherapy centre near me?” can be a little too much to comprehend. The Movement Mill was formed to provide the finest physio in North Sydney to those who need it the most. We provide real results for our patients through the unique creation of our individual treatment plans for both men and women, and we aim for lasting results for all through our exercise physiology programs.

Our qualified team of experienced therapists will work with you to achieve your physio goals in the shortest possible time. We pride ourselves on being an outstanding Sydney physio provider that truly cares about your recovery. The next time you ask the question “is there a physio clinic near me that can help?”, know that The Movement Mill is here to support you in making a full and lasting recovery by providing the kind of treatment that is right for you. Contact us to make an appointment and set yourself on the road to recovery today.

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