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Women's Health Physio

We are pleased to offer Women’s Health Physio at our Rouse Hill, Rouse Hill Family, and Meadowbank clinics.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy refers to treating female conditions from early adulthood, through pregnancy and child-birth, treating patients post-partum right through to post menopause. Women have many different conditions affecting them and their lives as described below.

Bladder issues
– Sudden intense urge to urinate
– Leaking with coughing, sneezing or playing sport
– Going to the toilet frequently
– Sleep being interrupted by constantly waking up to urinate
– Returning to the toilet to urinate within 5 minutes of going
– Difficulty emptying bladder

Bowel Issues
– Staining underwear
– Sudden urge to run to the toilet
– Having to strain to empty bowels
– Accidental soiling underwear

Pelvic Organ Prolapse
– Heavy, dragging feeling in the vagina
– Discomfort with intimacy
– Difficulty emptying bladder or bowel

A Women’s Health Assessment will involve questions to gain a detailed history of bladder or bowel issues, prolapse and general medical conditions. It will also involve education about the female anatomy and an internal pelvic examination as required.

If you have any of the following conditions affecting you and want help in managing these, give us a call or book online with Sophie for a Women’s Health appointment.