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Why We Started

We were born out of a desire to change the health industry. Traditional health care often treats people as parts and not individuals. At the same time there is an epidemic of lifestyle illnesses, people suffering with injuries and investing in unnecessary surgery. Our aim, is to bring together under one roof a team of experts that can help in every aspect of your journey to recovery, peak performance and overall wellbeing. Our first location is the starting point of this philosophy, where we have joined a health hub of other medical experts to start the movement. We are about helping YOU achieve what you want. We listen first and then create customised treatment plans to get you to your goal FAST.

What We DO

We Help People Get Moving And Feel Great And We’re Good At It

As a leader in the Physiotherapy industry, we assess each individuals body from head to toe in order to identify the source of the issue. We listen to your individual needs and help you come up with goals to reach your recovery or performance. We then provide a customised treatment program to help you achieve those goals. Cookie cutters belong in the kitchen – everyone is different and we treat them that way. On top of the high quality Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services we provide, we also offer small group classes. These are designed and structured to provide a platform for you to practice re-engineering your body or simply maintain the fantastic results you have achieved.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We start by listening to you
  2. We measure
  3. We focus on a stepped process, achieving micro goals towards your ultimate goal, instead of trying to do a million things at once and not finishing anything
  4. We get to the bottom of the problem and explain how it occurred and what you need to do to stop it happening again
  5. We don’t use jargon, we explain things in an easy to understand way
  6. We use methods and systems that have taken us 15 years to develop and refine

Choosing Your Physio

  • Getting a long list of exercises to do at home No one ever does them especially a long list. Even if you do try, how do you know you’re doing them properly?
  • You go once a week or less Let’s face it, nothing changes when you go once a week. You yo-yo but never make any real progress.
  • Your physio only gives you an elastic band (often called a theraband) for exercise Ever needed to pull on a rubber band in real life? If so by all means use one for rehab, if not, there are better ways.
  • Your physio promises a quick fix (or you expect it) Quick fixes are just that, not very good. Why do that to your body, you need to use it for a while right?
  • Your physio doesn’t measure EVERY time before and after treatment You’re paying for it, wouldn’t you want to know if it’s doing something?
  • Your physio doesn’t set goals or clear outcomes with you It’s simple. If you don’t care what you get out of physio, don’t set goals.
  • Your physio looks at one body part and doesn’t assess your whole body You need to know why your problem occurred so you can fix things properly. Unless you like coming back a lot for the same thing?

Results Fast

It’s not rocket science, the more you practice something or work on it, the better you get. But it doesn’t have to take hours. Perfect practice is always better than a shotgun approach or a long list of exercises that you do on your own badly (or in most cases you don’t do at all). It’s really about having a coach (one of us) to guide you, motivate you, correct you and make sure you get there. Getting a list of things to do at home and coming back every fortnight might seem like a good idea that will save you MONEY, when in fact you spend more because you don’t progress as far each visit as well as between visits. Even worse, its takes more of your valuable TIME. Short efficient sessions that target what you need and close together will get you better FAST as well as save you MONEY.

Our Advantage

We Are Not Your Typical Physio Practice…

We Have A Large Movement And Exercise Area As Well As A Seperate And Private Class Space. We Offer More Than Just Physiotherapy To Take You All The Way To Being Back On Top

  • We utilise some of the most advanced assessment and treatment tools and equipment
  • We are more than just Physios, we have Exercise Physiologists and trainers to help you get the results you want
  • We care about our clients’ needs, not our own
  • We give realistic and upfront plans for recovery and reaching your goals
  • We use goal setting to ensure that we are focused on what you want
  • We offer you a money back guarantee
  • Our Director has over XX years experience and is Vice President of the Australian Physiotherapy AssociationElement