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Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology (EP) is our second key pillar in improving your performance and rehabbing your injuries completely. We have a team of EPs at our clinic in Rouse Hill. They are experts at knee, back and shoulder problems, as well virtually any other part of the body. Working in our setting means they are experienced in helping people get back from injury, not just training people without one, which means they are safe and know how to work with your problem safely.

EP’s are experts in teaching you how to move properly again and getting the results you want fast and longer lasting. Essentially, physio helps you get rid of the problem, and EP stops it coming back.

For those that want to boost their performance they can help with athletic development, strength and fitness as well. Whether you are training for your first fun run or half marathon or want to lift more in the gym. They have the knowledge and skills to show you how.

Exercise physiologists are University trained and qualified health professionals. Put simply, they use exercise as medicine. Using the knowledge they have about exercise they can improve things such as muscle strength, bone density, blood pressure and overall health. They are experts in movement and their goal is to get people to age well and to use their bodies to their full capacity.

Your typical EP session lasts 30 minutes and will involve our 3 foundations of movement, mobility, stability and patterning. The sessions are fun and individualised to your needs and goals.

If you are new to exercise they will go at your pace.

If you have any questions about how EP could help you, get in touch either via the contact tab on this page or call the clinic and ask to speak to one of our friendly Exercise Physiologists.