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3 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Back Pain

5 Things you’re doing wrong with your back pain

Back pain sucks. It’s really common but it mostly goes away so don’t worry, it very rarely needs surgery, if you exeprince thoug it can be a worrry. Follow our simple tips and it will go away even faster and download our video of great lower back exercises to start getting on track.

In our experience it usually ends up being chronic or needing further intervention when you do the wrong things (or don’t do the right things). Here’s our top tips. Click below to dowlnload our free video of lower back injury exercises or to book a screening with one of our expert physios at any of our 5 locations.

5 Things you are doing wrong for back pain (ideas)

  1. Rest
  2. Ignore it
  3. Get scans
  4. Worry
  5. Stop training
  6. Foam roll
  7. Stretching before training instead of post
  8. stop at 3 weeks when pain goes away
  9. Sit all day


5 Tips to get lasting results

  1. keep moving, be confident it will go settle (avoid stressing)
  2. Get on top of it -After pain settles strengthen your back for 6-12 weeks
  3. Train to bend – Jeffersons and side bends
  4. Get a coach
  5. Early on – extensions
  6. Stay active
  7. Find a group and have fun to stay active – yoga, pilates, crossfit, bushwalking
  8. Eat well
  9. Sleep well
  10. meditate/mindfulness
  11. Short term manual therapy, but don’t rely on it to avoid moving more
  12. Avoid ice/heat?

Watch our video for more info.

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