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Gluteal tendinopathy


If you experience hip pain on the side that radiates down the leg (front, back, or side), especially at night when lying on that side or when sitting low in a chair or crossing your legs, you may be dealing with gluteal tendinopathy. This condition is more prevalent in middle-aged women due to wider hips and greater hip mobility compared to men.


Gluteal tendinopathy occurs when the tendons of the gluteal muscles start to wear away from the bone. The recommended approach involves a gradual strengthening program designed to thicken and strengthen these tendons, promoting durability and resilience. However, recovery can take time—typically up to 3 to 6 months of consistent effort.


It’s important to address these symptoms promptly, as gluteal tendinopathy is considered a precursor to hip osteoarthritis. Early intervention with a physiotherapist can help prevent the condition from worsening. Booking a session with a physiotherapist for personalised guidance and a tailored strengthening program is crucial to managing and potentially reversing these symptoms.


We also know that dry needling to the tendon (which some of our physios use) has
been shown to provide good short term relief in very acute painful conditions.


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