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The hamstrings are the muscles located on the back of your thigh. They are made up of three muscles: the Semitendinosus and Semimembranosus on the inside of the leg, and the Biceps Femoris on the outside of the leg.

Hamstring injuries most commonly occur among those participating in sport. The most common cause of injury is from high-speed running, and the second is from over-stretching through movement e.g. kicking.

During high-speed running, most of the force through the hamstrings occur mid-swing, where the hip is bent and knee is straightened. This movement demands a lot of control from the hamstring muscles. Due to the injuries occurring when the muscle is lengthened (otherwise known eccentric contraction), rehabilitation must involve strengthening it in those vulnerable positions – BUT, when appropriate.


Rehabilitation for hamstring injuries is very important, as the likelihood of experiencing another hamstring injury after the first is very high. The research tells us 50% likelihood in the first 4 weeks of returning!

Therefore, getting the right rehabilitation is very important. Our friendly physiotherapists and exercise physiologists are happy to help you get back to your sport!

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