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Firstly, how does weight loss occur? The answer is that there is an energy imbalance where an individual is burning more energy (calories out) than going in (calories in). Now, how does exercise come into this equation? Exercise is a way of utilising energy as it is required for reactions to occur within the body that result in movement. Evidence suggests that a minimum of 225mins per/week of physical activity will help promote weight loss, it is important to note nutrition also plays a major role. For optimal results, completing aerobic exercise at a greater intensity will result in greater caloric expenditure, an example would be high intensity interval training. Other aerobic exercise examples that are lighter intensities include swimming and cycling. To support this, completing resistance exercise with compound exercises will aid in the process.

If you would like to learn more please visit our Exercise Physiologist at Movement Mill as they are experts in determining the best suited exercise plan for you along with nutrition suggestions. Remember, the most important factor to it all is ADHERENCE! Find something fun that you WANT to do and that you can keep up!