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How do we ensure that you SMASH YOUR GOALS when you come and see us at the Movement Mill? And how would you know that the level of care is consistent across all of our clinics? The overarching goal of the Movement Mill is to help YOU to live the “LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT” and to make your experience with us memorable. 


1. Honesty is the best policy. 

2. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

3. Empower + inspire. 

4. Laughter is the best medicine. 

5. Communicate, communicate, communicate.


Alignment Day is a day run every quarter at our Rouse Hill Physio clinic. The entire Movement Mill family (Rouse Hill, Baulkham Hills, and Meadowbank) meet and collaborate together to ensure that all our individual and company’s visions are aligned. This is to ensure that no matter which clinic you go to you will receive the exact same top quality treatment


Over the half day event the team presents on a range of topics to ensure that we provide the best possible service for you. We are always seeking to incorporate the latest research and knowledge where we can. Alignment Day provides us a platform to discuss these aspects within the team. The practitioners and support staff all come from unique varying backgrounds, so alignment day allows the team to share these experiences. This allows us to grow as a company and improve our service to you. Topics that we discuss include, and are not limited to: goal setting, importance of breaking down treatment plans and the role both the patient and practitioner has in achieving the goals set. 

We at the Movement Mill are open to change and growth. We acknowledge that we can be wrong at times and enjoy the challenge of learning from our mistakes. Alignment Day provides us a platform to discuss as a team the areas we are excelling in, and also the areas we might not be meeting ours and your expectations. We take on board and encourage feedback, so we can continue to better the overall treatment we provide for all our clients. 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you during your rehab and performance journey. We look forward to consistently applying all these changes to our care to ensure that you leave your appointments with a smile. 


  • Get the team together so we are able to help more people
  • Be on the same page as a whole team
  • Have a common focus across all clinics and team members
  • Ensure we are able to welcome the new practitioners
  • Follow our core values 
  • Follow our model of of building patients up to normal and efficient movement
  • Achieve effective goal setting with our clients 
  • This also allows us to ensure that you receive an evidence-based and effective treatment plan to help you to achieve your goals 


  • Set goals and expectations 
  • Share ideas and broaden our scope of practice
  • Practice techniques and communication skills
  • Applying our model effectively so patients can can build mobility, control and functional patterns 
  • Creating SMART goals to meet patients individual needs 

Written by Michelle Brown (EP) and John Law (Physio)