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Back pain

Did you know that what you believe about your back pain can actually be making your back pain worse?


It is very common for people who have back pain to worry and stress that minor everyday movements (such as bending down, lifting light objects, slouching and twisting) are worsening their back. The back is actually a very strong structure supported by many muscles and ligaments and tendons. Pain in the back is often not because there has been irreversible damage but just simply the back being sensitive and needing more movement and strength.


If we believe that our back is fragile and easily damaged, this can prevent us from engaging in everyday tasks. We want to avoid this turning into a vicious cycle. The less someone actively moves and uses their back the more tight and weak and sensitive it can be.


Also, people with back pain who believe that their back is in constant harm of damage, can potentially cause their back to seize up – and have muscles constantly in a state of rigidness. This often makes simple movements much harder and slower. It also means the muscles never get the chance to relax.


Challenging these non-conscious behaviours with exercises can help to prevent this vicious cycle. For example, many of us have been told to sit up straight when they have back pain. There is no problem in doing this but constant vigilance and trying not to move our back will cause muscles to tighten because they are always turned on. Having a physio help you learn to slouch, stretch, breathe and relax and move your back in different ways is a simple and very effective way in helping your back feel better.


We know it can be frightening, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us help you with your back pain.


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