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Did you know our exercise physiologists and physiotherapists are trained to help develop the strength of your bones, which improves your bone health? Yes, we don’t just deal with muscles.

If you have osteopenia, osteoporosis, or any bone deficiencies or simply just want to get your bones stronger for your sport , we can help!


Bones are best trained for size when younger, even before hitting puberty. This is because this is when our bones grow rapidly and giving it the stimulus it needs will help to form a robust and strong skeleton before adulthood. Once we are 19 (as a female) or 21 years old (as a male), our bones actually stop growing in length and girth. So if you or your child wishes to be the best possible athlete, it is best to consult a exercise physiologist to begin your exercise program for adequate bone development when you are young.


Bones aren’t quite like muscles and do require a different approach to muscles for growth. You can continue to build strength in your bones even after hitting skeletal maturity, and even if you do have a bone deficiency you can reverse it or prevent it from getting worse by getting the exercise program prescribed by your physiotherapist. Whilst your bones cant get thicker when you are an adult; you can get them stronger and more dense with better mineral structure.


Investing in bone health early is crucial, especially before puberty when bones grow rapidly. By stimulating bone development during this critical period, you lay the foundation for a resilient skeleton. Even after skeletal maturity, targeted exercise programs tailored by our experts can strengthen bones and improve mineral density, mitigating risks of bone deficiencies. To take action or learn more about what you can be doing for your bone health, get in touch and book an appointment.


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