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I’m sure you are all eager to step back into the gym now that they are open and I completely understand the want to return back to prior levels. However, now is the time to train SMART. Fitness and strength levels may have decreased over-time, therefore placing an increased risk of injury as we may provide a stimulus/ intensity that our body is not fully ready to tackle. Furthermore, not only may physical attributes be altered but also the impact on one’s mental health. In this blog I am going to help you by providing simple tips in order to progress in a safe, positive manner to find that routine once more and achieve those desired results!

This is a key element for life in general, smiling is contagious and at Rouse Hill Physio we love to share this. Now I have a few steps for you. I want you to think about your WHY, then I would like you to write this down on a notepad, stick it on the fridge and think about how you feel when you think about your why and yourself achieving your why. Feels great right? Embrace every step you take towards reaching this, enjoy the process and inform your friends and family so they can provide social support!

Creating goals is a must when it comes to constant progression and self-determination. When generating appropriate goals implementing the SMART principle is a great way to determine our aims. SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Stick to this main criterion and you’ll find yourself on the correct path. I would love to help out in both assisting and setting these in a collaborative approach with you. For more details find me here:

Lastly, a progressive approach to both returning to exercise is fundamental, thus reinforcing the point that our bodies our most likely not at the capacities 10-12 weeks ago. In order to ensure this is followed we need to combine both tips 1 and 2 to create a well-balanced physical and mental approach. By this, I am referring to creating goals that are stepping stones to larger, more long-term goals and that you should be very proud of each goal you tick off. Listen to your body, have rest when needed and allow for patience to occur.Small wins lead to big rewards!

Happy training everyone from the Team at Rouse Hill Physio.

Written by Mike Stitt, Exercise Physiologist