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Crush Your Sydney Marathon in Less Than 16 Weeks! Your Ultimate Prep Guide!


Are you dreaming of crossing the Sydney Marathon finish line, and need help preparing? Worried you might not have enough time to prepare? Fear not! With just under 16 weeks to go, you can still be ready to conquer the iconic course. The key lies in smart preparation to stay injury-free and optimise your training. Follow these expert tips to ensure you’re at your best when race day arrives.



  1. Follow a Progressed Program

Jumping straight into high-mileage weeks is a surefire way to end up sidelined before you even get started. Instead, follow a progressively structured training plan that gradually increases your running volume and intensity. 


For example, start with a base mileage that you’re comfortable with, even if it’s just a few miles per run. Each week, aim to increase your total weekly mileage by no more than 10%. Incorporate a mix of easy runs, long runs, and interval training to build your endurance, speed, and stamina.


Example: If you currently run 10km per week, increase it to 11km next week, then the week after, and so on. This gradual increase helps your body adapt to the stress of running, reducing the risk of overuse injuries.



  1. Make Sure to Strength Train

Running is great for your cardiovascular system, but it can take a toll on your muscles and joints if they aren’t properly conditioned. Incorporating strength training into your routine can significantly improve your running performance and decrease the likelihood of injuries.


Focus on exercises that strengthen your core, glutes, hamstrings, and quads, which are crucial for running. Squats, lunges, deadlifts, and planks are excellent choices. Aim to strength train at least twice a week, with each session lasting 20-30 minutes.


Example: Perform 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps of squats, lunges, and deadlifts, followed by a 30-60 second plank variation. This routine can enhance your muscular endurance and stability, leading to better running form and efficiency.



  1. Don’t Let Niggles Turn into Full-Blown Injuries

It’s common to experience minor aches and pains, or “niggles,” during marathon training. While these can often be managed with rest and recovery, ignoring them can lead to more serious injuries that could derail your training.


Pay attention to any persistent pain or discomfort. Consider reducing your training intensity until the pain reduces. If a niggle persists for more than a few days, seek advice from a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.


Example: If you feel a twinge in your knee, don’t push through it. Instead, reduce the load, intensity and volume for a short period. If the pain doesn’t improve, see a professional to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.



Take Action Now

Preparing for the Sydney Marathon in less than 16 weeks is entirely possible with a smart, well-rounded approach. Follow a progressively structured training plan, integrate strength training, and address any niggles before they become major issues. 


Ready to take your training to the next level? Book a session with our expert clinicians who can tailor a program specific to your needs and goals. Don’t wait – your best race yet is just around the corner!

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