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What Is Gluteal Tendinopathy?

Do you get hip pain on the side of your hip that goes down the side, back and front of your leg. Aching at night particularly when lying on that side? Sitting low in a chair or when you are crossing your legs?
You could have gluteal tendinopathy. It is more common in middle aged females (likely as females have wider hips and greater range of motion through their hips than males).

Gluteal Tendinopathy

This occurs when the tendons of the gluteal muscles are starting to wear away from the bone. The answer is a gradual strengthening program, which can help tendons to thicken and become more durable and resilient. This often will take time – upto 3 -6 months.
We do think that this is the precursor to hip osteoarthritis, so if you do have these symptoms hurry on and book in with one of our physios to prevent worsening of your condition. Catching it early is best.

We also know that dry needling to the tendon (which our physios use) has been shown to provide good short term relief in very acute painful conditions.

Written by Jonathan Khoo

Physiotherapist at Meadowbank Physio

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